High grade aluminium products are here to stay, it’s lightweight, strong, durable and not so prone to environmental attacks. We manufacture a large variety of aluminium products but will also gladly assist you with any special builds you require. Bring your Custom design and we will build it for
Drawer systems has become very popular amongst the off-road enthusiast in recent years, because it provides a secure, organised and space saving environment for all your gear. Our high grade aluminium drawer systems are precision build for your vehicle.
We only use high grade aluminium in the manufacturing of our canopies. We manufacture canopies for any make of vehicle and will gladly accommodate your ideas into the design to provide that specific functionality you need in your canopy. Our Camper units are all custom built to each individuals specifications. There are 2 basic ones to choose from: The Savanna camper or the Oryx Camper.
Welcome to Oryx Aluminum
Toyota Cruiser....
You bring it we build it! Have you ever searched for a product but just could not find one that was good enough? I did too, and that is how Oryx Aluminium Canopies was born.
Our aim is not to re-invent the product but instead to take existing concepts and improve on them thereby making them the best they can be! Having been in the Tourism industry for the past 15 years it was a natural progression to build our own products utilising the experience and expertise gained in order to give you a product that works and lives up to your expectations. Our aim is to give you the peace of mind that you have found what you were looking for.