is what lies ahead

~JRR Tolkein

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About Oryx Aluminium

Your bring it
we build it

Oryx Aluminium Canopies is PROUDLY NAMIBIAN and situated in the beautiful coastal town of Swakopmund.

We started our business in 2012 by building customised canopies for 4x4 LDV's as there were no similiar product available in Namibia.

From there it escalated into just about every field of custom work that exists in the motor industry. We generally specialise in spec-kitting of vehicles for 4x4 excursions, family-holidays and building customised canopies for commercial industries.

Most of our products are made only out of alumnium, due to the fact that it is a strong and light product to work with and will most probably outlive the vehicle that it's fit on. On a daily basis we receive enquiries for building customised canopies as each person has got their own needs.

Oryx Aluminium Canopies was formed by Andre Lacock in 2012 out of pure frustration.

Have you ever been looking for a product that meets your requirements, but were unable to find any? Well, I did to and eventually decided to start building my own and so Oryx Aluminium Canopies was born